The Great American Time Waster

Jul 09

Sometimes I hear, “I spent 2 hours in the gym today!” This person is either training for an endurance sport (like a marathon or triathlon) or wasting her time. You’re more apt to see results if you work as hard as you can as long as you can (usually no more than an hour). I have never seen a fat sprinter…but I have seen some big marathon runners!!

I busted someone staring into space and picking their nose today while sitting on a LifeFitness machine. I’ve actually seen someone drool between sets on the seated cable row. It’s a pretty good look.

There are some gym go-ers that I like to call ‘great American time-wasters’. You know who I’m talking about: those slackers who come to the gym to read the latest in the ‘Scorpion Tattoo’ series, the Wall Street Journal, catch up on their crackberry and multitask like crazy so they don’t have to actually pay attention to their workout. God forbid they break a sweat!

For instance, there’s this dude who comes to the gym every morning. He has HORRIBLE posture and you’d never know he is such an avid gym rat…literally every single morning he brings the New York Times and reads through every article (I swear) during his ‘workout’, hogging machines and making the morning die-hards crazy.

If you’re going to spend oodles on a gym membership & lululemon outfits, put them to good use!! The harder you work, the more energy you spend, the more results you’ll see in a shorter amount of time.

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