Spot Toning

Aug 02

I get asked the same questions over and over again:

How do I get washboard abs?

Will my stomach ever go back to normal after I’ve had a baby?

Can I shed the fat in the back of my arms?

How do I get rid of these saddlebags?

Can I get rid of back fat?

In other words, can I spot tone?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is this: the only way you can tone your arms, butt, back, abs and thighs is to lose overall body fat. By consistently eating clean, getting enough rest, keeping overall stress levels low and a daily dose of exercise – strength training & cardio – your body will change drastically. You’ll see overall results instead of improvement in just one area. As fat burns off, your muscles will begin to show, thus, the look of a ‘toned’ body.

It’s a simple or complicated as that! If you’re new to the weight loss game or looking to get back into that itsy bitsy dress after having a baby, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep a food and exercise log — calories in, calories out.
  • Hire a certified fitness coach and/or a dietitian and do what they say
  • Make mini-goals for yourself every 4-6 weeks, i.e. a 5K run, a trip to the beach, a visit from an old friend
  • Drink water. Lots of water. Add lemon for an extra cleanse to your intestines
  • Move. Get off the couch.
  • Join a local sports league and play your favorite sport

2 Responses to Spot Toning

  1. Ivy says:

    I basically follow all of your recommendations (or have been again since October 😉 and am just wondering what to focus on next to see better results? I never really have any problem finding time to do cardio since I enjoy it the most, but I have made a concerted effort to do more strength training /conditioning and am about as slimmed down as I get. My stomach is pretty firm except for a small amount of fat. What are some ways to target that last little bit of stubborn flab besides traditional sit-ups? Also, are there some excercises that target the area under the arms without adding bulk to the biceps? Thanks!

    • SkoogFit says:

      Ivy, I think that’s hot! How cool that you’re seeing results since October! Great job!!
      First of all, ‘bulking up’ for a girl is pretty tough to do since we don’t have a lot of testosterone pumping through our veins. You’d have to be hitting the weights every day and supplementing your workouts with gobs of protein. So don’t worry about that. A great abdominal routine could be oblique crunches to failure (work ’em ’til they hurt, hehe), planks, side planks and reverse crunches. Mix it up! As for triceps, do triceps pushups (hands narrower than regular pushups, tucking your elbows in by your side as you go down and up). These are more challenging, so you might want to do them on your knees. Good luck, and keep me posted on your progress!!

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