Warm days, crisp nights, FALL LEAGUES!

Sep 20

I love this time of year.
Makes me want to rake leaves, play a game of football and eat roasted brussels sprouts (and other seasonal veggies).
It’s also a great time to bring the gym outside.
You see, winter is looming and that 5-pound weight gain is just around the corner.
I have a good friend who plays in seasonal sports leagues. It’s always fun to hear about the friendships she’s made, how she got that purple bruise on her thigh, or how her softball team just won the championship!!
When I played touch football in Minneapolis, I learned how fast I can run and that I was a natural at the game! Who knew?!
So, let the season begin!
There are a few places to get started:

Check with your local YMCA, community calendar or parks organizations. Why not play indoor soccer, dodgeball or try and improve your bowling game?

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