An Ode to Quinoa

Oct 13

Earlier this year, I kept a food log for my dietitian so I might lose a few pounds for my wedding.  I was getting sick of my usual brown rice-with-dinner and my body craved another grain to shake things up.
Enter Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa).

This grain originates from the ancient South American Inca culture, also known as the ‘mother grain’.
I’m a huge fan for several reasons:

  • Quinoa contains more high quality protein than any other grain: 6 grams per serving!
  • It is a complete protein: it provides all essential amino acids
  • A gluten-free food!  No more puffiness!
  • It’s filling but not heavy like pasta
  • Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare: 10-15 minutes and dinner’s done!

Typically, I make my quinoa following the basic cooking instructions on the box except substitute water with vegetable broth to give it some zest and added flavor.  I use quinoa as a side-dish with baked fish and steamed vegetables for an amazing meal!

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