Running Shoes

Oct 24

With the New York City Marathon coming up in a couple weeks, there’s a lot of buzz in the air about running.  Several of my clients have taken up the sport recently:  it’s an inexpensive, convenient and easy way to stay in shape especially if you’re on the road–all you have to do is pack your shoes and explore a neighborhood or local park.  New York itself is a giant running haven with it’s many running paths, parks and tracks.

So how would one go about choosing the right running shoe?  Today’s New York Times features an article on this very subject.  To sum it up, the most expensive shoe may not be the best one for you.  Many running shops will analyze your gait, assess how you run and choose most supportive shoe to fit your stride.
Function and comfort should be first and foremost in your selection.  I recommend buying a half-size bigger than you normally do for athletic shoes:  losing toenails is not very fun (trust me).  If you find a shoe that you love, buy 2 pairs and alternate between them both.  
Your shoe should last 350 miles or 6 months.  As soon as you see permanent creases in the heel cushioning, it’s time to replace.  But definitely as soon as you feel slight pain in your knees during or after a run.
Avoid gimmicks like the Skechers Shape-Ups, Reebok Easy Toners or the barefoot 5-finger shoe.  These types of shoes do not lose weight for you, nor are they a magical fix-all.  They are simply…gimmicks.  
When you’re ready for purchase, ask for a discount!  Running boutiques love students, gym members and fitness addicts!

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