Skoogfit Conditioning Class!

Oct 16
Winter is looming, the holidays are right around the corner and the dreaded 5-pound weight gain is threatening to come between us and our hard-earned beach bodies!!!  For this reason, Skoogfit is branching out to small-group (max 8 people) circuit-training and conditioning classes.  We’ll do conditioning circuits of 30-seconds on, 20-seconds of transition time for 6-12 exercises with a break between each sequence.  No coordination need apply, no dancing involved.  Just hardcore people determined to improve their fitness level and stay in shape!  All fitness levels welcome!
The dirty details:
Where: Ripley Grier Studios 72nd Street, 3rd Floor, Studio 2R and 3R (check the day of to confirm the room number)
When: 8pm Wednesdays & 7pm Fridays in November/December (except for Thanksgiving week and ending December 17th)
Who: With the Skoog!
Cost: $280/person ($35/class with a twice-weekly, 4-week commitment–1 class cancel can be forgiven)
How: Sign up by emailing me at
Invite friends, co-workers, spouses or give my class as a birthday gift to your best friend!!  Spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested!

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