The Post-Wedding 15

Oct 17

Since getting married, I have put on a solid 4 pounds. 
In my line of work, weight gain can be a career killer.  I always want to look the part and feel my best, no matter what stage of life I find myself in.
So, I marched into my dietitian’s office yesterday for a reality check.  Turns out I’m not alone in the weight-gain category:  most newlyweds pack on about 15 pounds during their first year of marriage!!  15?! 
How is this possible?!
Newlyweds want to put the new Cuisinart sitting on the counter to good use.  New wives try to show their husbands their cooking skills.  She eats as much as he does.  The goal of fitting into a little white dress is now behind them. The honeymoon at the beach is over.  Crash-dieting right before the wedding slowed down her metabolism significantly. 
For my part, I didn’t lose a huge amount of weight before my wedding but since being back from our honeymoon, I have been so focused on other things I tend to miss workouts.  I have been celebrating with friends and eating rich foods.
I promise to be consistent with my new diet & exercise program and will keep you, dear reader, posted.

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