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Nov 08

You know those books on the buy 2, get 1 free table at the bookstore?  They’re like last year’s rejects, unwanted, stale, old books the store wants to rid itself of.  Yeah, those.

Last year I was browsing such a table at Borders and bought 2, which gave me a free one.  Two of them were awesome, the third is in the bottom of my locker at my old job.  I even forgot the name of it.  I mailed one to my dad and have kept the other one in the ‘priority reference’ section on my bookshelf.

It’s called, “What I talk about when I talk about running,” a memoir written by Haruki Murakami.  It was a meditative read for me, and one that stills inspires me during my tougher runs.

The New York City Marathon was yesterday, and, despite being out of town, I was still inspired by the energy leading up to it.  Murakami journals his training regimen for New York’s Marathon, but also gives insight to his inspirations during ultramarathons, which he also trains for.

One of my favorite ‘nuggets’ that I draw back on from time to time is the notion of making your world the 3 meters or so in front of you and conquering just those 3 meters, mile after mile.  This really speaks to me, as sometimes I just don’t feel like running.

One of my favorite excerpts from the book is as follows:

My time, the rank I attain, my outward appearance — all of these are secondary. For a runner like me, what’s really important is reaching the goal I set myself, under my own power. I give it everything I have, endure what needs enduring, and am able, in my own way, to be satisfied. From out of the failures and joys I always try to come away having grasped a concrete lesson. (It’s got to be concrete, no matter how small it is.) And I hope that, over time, as one race follows another, in the end I’ll reach a place I’m content with. Or maybe just catch a glimpse of it. (Yes, that’s a more appropriate way of putting it.)

I like the motivation of setting a goal and finding it in myself to finish what I started by my own merit.  To me, that’s how I feel alive, full and moving forward.

I highly recommend the book for anyone who’s looking for a smooth, easy and inspiring read.  It’s awesome.

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