A Buff Bride

Nov 17

I have trained countless brides for their wedding day.  Every single one of them made major changes to their bodies and looked fantastic in their various open-back, sleeveless, and spaghetti-strap gowns.  So when it was MY turn to slim down, I took some tips of my own and dropped 7 pounds in 6 months…which, for me, was no small feat!  Read on:

  • Break bad habits early on.  As soon as you know your wedding date, assess your cravings.  If it’s ice cream you adore, that weekly date with pizza or late-night snacking, knock it off!  Months before the big day, making those small changes will take a huge chunk off your thighs and inches off that dress!
  • Sign up for a pre-wedding competition.  Look for a 5-15K run in your area, a mini-triathlon or a charity walk and train for it.  Having a fitness goal will keep you on-track and more focused.
  • Hire a good coach and check in regularly.  Budget in a personal trainer or dietitian to hold yourself accountable during pre-wedding parties and showers.
  • Always have an eating plan and stick to it.  You don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry, so don’t go to a restaurant without looking at the menu online.  Too many options when you’re ravenous will set you up for failure. Plan out your meals and snacks a day ahead!
  • Keep a food & exercise log.  Knowing how many calories you’re consuming and burning will make all the difference.
  • Remember that consistency in everything provides results.  If you eat clean and exercise regularly, you will lose weight.  Conversely, if you eat chips & guacamole, french fries and skip workouts, so will your waist!  Garbage in, garbage out!
  • Keep your eyes on the prize.  You can rest during the honeymoon.

With a little sacrifice and a lot of hard work, you’ll feel amazing on your wedding day!  Trust me.  I did!

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