Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Dec 15

Shiver me timbers!!!  I can’t believe how cold it is so early in the season!  Many people suffer annually from the winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder), children go stir-crazy, get cabin fever and I gain weight.

In the past couple years, however, I have found many ways to combat these unfortunate issues and want to share them with you:

  • If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Winter sports weren’t meant to be of the spectator variety.  Learn a new skill!  Take snowboarding lessons, learn how to cross-country ski, sharpen your ice skates or grab a sled and find a hill!
  • Fight with your friends! Organize a snowball fight…or start one by picking up a mound of the white stuff and tossing it at the back of your friend’s head.  You’ll be running for dear life within seconds…hello sprints!
  • Organize that mess, already! Why wait for spring to do the cleaning?  Crank up your favorite music, put on your workout and bust a sweat cleaning your home from the fridge to the closets and everything in between!
  • Clean the sidewalk, buddy! And other whitestuff duties.  Shoveling snow burns 288 calories per hour!
  • What a mallrat! Join the blue-haired ladies strolling circles at the mall.  Hey, at least it’s indoors!

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