Hanging on for dear life

Dec 08

In the gym, have you ever noticed the dude on the treadmill with the incline crazy-jacked all the way up to the max?  He’s white-knuckling the top of the machine for dear life!  I can’t help but do a ‘gawker slowdown’ as I pass by…all I wanna do is pull the damn electrical cord out of the wall!  What’s he doing?!  Certainly more harm than good, and he’s not alone.

Ever see someone reading a magazine while running on the treadmill?  I have, and 4 minutes later they were sitting on the sidelines nursing a bruised elbow and ego.  How about the chick on the recumbent bike going so slow she might as well be asleep?  My favorite is the person on the elliptical hunched over her arms, legs going round and round 10 miles a minute.  What’s up with that?

If you’re going to spend time in the gym, make it matter.  Pay attention.  If it feels like cheating, IT IS!

Holding on to cardio machines such as a treadmill, stepmill or propping yourself up to move your legs on a stairmaster does the body bad.  Clearly the intensity level is set above your own level of fitness and injury is definitely in your future.  In the gym, poor posture, a tense neck or locked elbows with shoulders elevated will land you in the physical therapist’s office or worse!  My advice?  Simply take the intensity down to a manageable level and work your way up.   Train in the gym how you want to be in life:  with good posture, a strong core and great balance.

2 Responses to Hanging on for dear life

  1. joel ehrlich says:

    this is great advice…i am off to the gym to apply
    thanks, j

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