Quit Smoking. Now.

Dec 07

When I take a yoga class, I truly try to shut off and focus on my breathing, posture, alignment and sense of self.  Today, I had the most frustrating experience.  Most of you know that I have a big nose.  And it works.  Really well.  After we said our initial “Om’s” and were inhaling/exhaling into downward facing dog, I noticed the rank stench of stale cigarette breath.  Oof.  The woman next to me must have puffed down a cigarette right before class!  I couldn’t believe  how distracting it was for me!

Nevermind, I made it through class by digging really deep to find my concentration…especially during warrior 3 pose.  I was reminded of a dear Facebook friend who has taken it upon herself to quit smoking.  I have to hand it to her for tackling such an arduous task during these (what can be) stressful weeks leading up to the holidays and not waiting for New Year’s to resolve to it!  Check out this awesome link …a recovery timetable of what happens to the body in the hours, days, weeks and years after butting out!

My Facebook friend is a week into her accomplishment, now trying to decide how to reward herself by polling her supporting friends.  Someone suggested taking up running, which really helped me when I quit smoking. I ran the Reservoir in Central Park every day:  the more time that passed between me and my last cigarette, the further, longer and harder I could run…8 years later I’m running marathons!

Below are some great ways to reward yourself when you take that brave step forward to ‘healthy living’:

  • Put the money you’d have spent each day into a ‘rewards account’.  Buy yourself something enviable, like a Louis Vuitton bag, a weekend trip to NYC or a day at the spa.
  • Join the Couch to 5K running phenomenon!  It could be the beginning of a new addiction!
  • Volunteer to help others quit!
  • Join the fight against tobacco lobbyists.
  • Donate money to the American Cancer Society every year you’re smoke-free.

Be like me and my Facebook friend.  Quit smoking today.

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