Stay on Track Series: Workout Apps

Dec 30

Most of us have a smartphone of some kind:  iPhone, Driod, Blackberry and Treo, just to name a few.  My iPhone is an essential tool in my life:  I use it during every workout, during my training sessions with clients and for motivation when I just cannot seem to get going.  Below I’ll outline my favorite tools as well as some of the top fitness applications out there.

MUSIC:  When I work out, I need to catch a beat.  Music motivates me like nothing else. Variety is the name of the game:  if my music is stale, so shall my workout be.  I’ve stopped downloading music (it’s expensive!) and instead, listen to radio stations.  Below are my favorite apps for music:

  • Pandora Radio:  You can personalize your stream of music by typing in your favorite artist, song or composer and it will create a ‘station’ that plays similar music of your choice.  Commercial-free if you download the paid app.  Otherwise, the free version has minimal commercials.
  • Sirius XM Radio:  Over 120 channels of programming 100% commercial free.  Cool if you’re a fan of multiple types of radio such as talk radio, news, etc.
  •; CBS Radio:  Streams your favorite radio station from anywhere, with 450+ music stations.
  • iTunes:  Listen to your own private stash.  Sometimes I work out in an underground gym and the stream of music goes in and out…it can get very frustrating so I resort to my music library.  I have several backup playlists for this unfortunate circumstance.


  • Here’s a great link to the top 5 iPhone paid fitness apps.  I, personally, don’t use any of these because I find my inspiration from my research in the field, but they’ve gotten great reviews and are perfect for someone who doesn’t have a personal trainer.
  • I’m a fan of the Nike+ GPS, which maps your runs and tracks your progress — very motivating.
  • If you need a free personal trainer, the Workout Trainer by Skimble, Inc. got 4 out 5 stars:  Listen to your virtual personal fitness trainers as tehy guide you through audio workouts, step-by-step.
  • IntervalTimer Pro:  I use this one for my at-home workouts.  It streams in your playlist from iTunes while counting your rest and interval sets.  Totally awesome for timing those planks without the need for a stopwatch and for keeping you on-task if you’re pressed for time.


  • Many gyms require you to sign-up for their classes ahead of time.  If I want to take a spin class at my gym, it’s just a few clicks away instead of showing up 90 minutes ahead of time just to secure my bike!  LA Fitness, Equinox and Pure Yoga are just 3 examples of gyms that provide this service.
  • Golds Gym has a free app for tracking workouts, taking before-and-after photos and calorie-burning ideas
  • Gym Finder, by Michael Quach is a great (free) app that helps you find a gym or health club near you if you’re on-the-road

There are so many apps out there — if you come across some that you love, please share them with me.  I’d love to pass along the information to my friends in remote places!

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