Announcing…Wedding Tracker!

Jan 23

I have been training brides for their weddings since I began my career as a personal trainer over six years ago.  Each week for the next ten months, SkoogFit will be tracking two brides until their wedding days, each with her own unique set of challenges and roadblocks.

Kaylin D. lives all the way across the country in Southern California.  This blonde, energetic, 25-year-old will use the sun, sand and great weather to her workout advantage as she faces her self-proclaimed “foodie” demons and battles traffic on her way to the gym on those “strength training” days that I have programmed for her.  She works 6 days a week and is planning an October wedding that is a 4-hour drive north of where she lives:  we’re teaming up with a very busy bride-to-be!  Time management will be one of our biggest challenges, but luckily for her, I am on-call 7 days a week for those moments of panic!

Valli A. hails from Panama but lives near me in New York City.  Engaged over the holiday season, this smart, 24-year-old student’s biggest challenge until her big day in May will be her recent diagnosis of acid reflux.  She has been forced to drastically change her eating habits.  Additionally, with only five short months to prepare for a wedding in Panama, her biggest challenge will be managing the stress of planning a home-spun wedding from afar.  Fortunately, she will train with me at least twice/week and I will work with her doctors to ensure her eating habits are on-point!

I can say from experience that before I got married, I hired an entire village of coaches to help me stay on-track.  I couldn’t have done it without the hours of emotional, physical and gastronomical support of my trainer Roderic (who put me through physical torture), nutritionist Samantha (who changed my life…for real), now-husband (who watched my plate like a hawk and biked alongside me during those 18-and-20-mile runs) and best friends (who stood by me, literally).  Together, we made it happen and I felt amazing on my big day!

Don’t miss a beat:  subscribe to my blog to stay tuned.  Every Monday we’ll check in with each bride and track roadblocks, successes, milestones and celebrate the small victories that will lead up to the fittest, most beautiful day of her life!

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  1. joel ehrlich says:

    Does IBS have anything to do with the cold?

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