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Jan 03

A dear friend of mine shared her resolution on Facebook.  She vows to set monthly resolutions instead of one big yearly resolution.  I love her idea for January:  not eat out for lunch all month. Not only will she save approximately $200, but she could potentially lose 5 pounds just by packing her own lunch each day!

My advice?  Start preparing the week’s lunches on Sunday.  With a few easy steps, reaching her goal week after week will be simple and she’ll feel so amazing I bet she’ll continue the trend in February!  Read on:

  1. Meal plan and make a list.  On Sunday, plan our your week’s lunches:  perhaps one day you’ll have a salad of mixed greens with balsamic grilled chicken, the next you’ll have turkey meatloaf with a baked sweet potato and a side of greens, followed by a roast turkey sandwich (with greens) on whole wheat bread and carrot sticks.  You’ll want to prepare a shopping list that encompasses all ingredients on your meal plan and don’t forget snacks!  Good snack options can include individually-wrapped trail mix packs, an apple with cheese stick, hummus & veggie sticks, or 2 hardboiled eggs and an orange.
  2. Don’t deviate. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it, right?  I don’t care if fruit snacks are on sale, if they’re not on the list, they don’t belong in the cart.  (Plus, fruit snacks are code for candy.)
  3. Prepare food in advance. Having hard boiled eggs on your salad?  Carrot sticks with your snack?  Turkey meatloaf?  Many items can be prepared on Sunday night, pre-packaged and stored in the freezer until the day-of.  Pre-cut your veggies, portion out snacks and store the rest.
  4. Invest in a thermal lunch box. If your workplace lacks a refrigerator, keep your lunch & snacks cool in a thermal lunch box.  A wise investment.

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