Find the time. Plan your life.

Jan 21

Today I bought a mattress.  The man who sold it to me was polite…and fat.  When he asked me what I do for a living, he got all chatty about how he “just doesn’t have time” to work out.  Riiight.  So I asked him if he has another job.  No, he replied.  Are you married?  No.  Kids?  No.  Does he plan out his meals?  No.  I nearly died.  Some of my clients have even admitted that at parties they “didn’t have any healthy choices” or “got caught in a meeting” so they had to skip the gym.  What a bunch of BS!

The thing is, if you plan ahead *just a little bit* you’ll find all kinds of time to do the right thing.  And by that, I mean exercise and eating right.  Picture this:  Pack your lunch and snacks the night before.  If you know you’ll be dining out for lunch the next day, go online and check the restaurant’s menu for the healthiest thing you see.  Map out your day.  Plan for the unexpected by waking up an hour earlier and busting a major sweat.  Don’t try telling me you’re “not a morning person.”  That’s another line of crock!  Because we both know tomorrow night is going to come and go with another disappointing excuse of, “I got dragged into a conference call ’til 10pm!”

Find the time.  Plan out your day.  Set yourself up for success.  No excuses!!!

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  1. jan says:

    Whew! Harsh! The assumption is that he wants to be healthy? Some people don’t care…It is socially unacceptable to be fat and not care, so excuses happen.

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