Jiggly Arms…No More!

Jan 18

One of my favorite body parts to work is the back of my upper arm: the tricep. (You know, that annoying, jiggly part of the arm that flaps in the wind as we age!) The primary responsibility for the tricep (3 muscles) is for elbow extension; that is, for straightening the arm. Even though it’s impossible to “spot-tone,” I like the ‘pump’ feeling in my triceps: ¬†each week at the gym I target my arms in some fashion.

This workout had me so sore for days (in a good way)!

Skoog’s Shredded Bingo Wing Workout!

Warm up 5-10 minutes:
-Arm bike
-Row machine
-Elliptical with arm movements
-Jump rope
Stretch 3-5 minutes

Repeat the following sequences 2-4 times:

15 Pushups
20 Overhead Wall Balls (using your legs for extra power, bounce a heavy medicine ball on the wall, aim for almost the ceiling.)

10 Dips
Stability-ball plank circles, 6 each direction (keep hips at shoulder-height & still as you make circles with elbows)

10 barbell skullcrushers
5 Plyometric (explosive) Pushups (where your hands leave the floor)

Tricep Extensions with cable rope(do as many reps to failure)

Be sure to stretch, hydrate and eat some lean protein post-workout!!!!

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