Wedding Tracker: Introducing Kaylin D!

Jan 24

Meet Kaylin D., a Marketing Coordinator for an online ad sales company living in Southern California. At 5’6″, 155lbs, this 25-year-old possesses a demeanor that matches the bright, sunny weather of her home. With a wedding date set for October 14, 2011, we have over ten months to get her in tip-top shape for her big day. We’ll address muscle imbalances, correct them, increase the intensity of her workouts as we progress, focus on healthy eating habits and make lifestyle changes that will last throughout her life. She found me in perfect time!

With a 40-hour workweek and a waitressing job 1 day each weekend, this busy bride-to-be gets only 1 day/week to herself. Additionally, the wedding she has planned is a 5-hour drive north of where she lives, and her gym membership is a 15-minute drive. We’re going to have to be as efficient as possible in our planning to keep our expectations realistic! Each month we’ll choose a challenge to focus on, hoping to overcome each goal as time passes.
Our challenge for the month of February is consistency. We want to build good habits early on, so getting Kaylin on a regular schedule of logging everything she eats, her workouts and balancing sleep/stress. We’ll blog every other Monday about about her stumbles, successes and victories along the way.
Kaylin flew to New York City last week to meet with me. Her main goal is to get fit without getting “bulky”. As a cheerleader in high school, she tells me that her traps were too big: friends called her “muscle woman”. During our initial assessments, I noticed a few muscle imbalances that we’ll address in the first 4-6 weeks of her program to avoid the footballer look. We’ll begin the exercise program with corrective exercises involving plenty of stretching and preparing the body for more intense work down the road. By building a good fitness base of core stabilization and proper flexibility, we’ll ensure that Kaylin won’t get injured as the workout intensity progresses over the next 10 months.
Since she bought a strapless, fitted gown, she wants to focus on the following areas:
  • Tone up the upper back
  • Get rid of those “love handles”
  • Flatten out the stomach – show off those abs!
  • Smaller thighs would be nice!
  • Tone up the arms
  • An overall fit body
Kaylin and I will consult from afar. She has been given specific instructions including a workout program, eating guidelines, stress management techniques, and tools she can use when life gets in the way of the gym including the great outdoors! Since Kaylin lives in Southern California, the weather is ideal for outdoor workouts. Cheer Kaylin on every other Monday as we track her progress until her wedding in October, 2011!

4 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Introducing Kaylin D!

  1. Valli says:

    Yayyyy! Go Kaylin!!!!

  2. alie says:

    I am soooo excited for your hot body on the big day!!!!!

  3. SkoogFit says:

    Just wait ’til we introduce our next bride this coming Monday: Valli A.! This is going to be fun!

  4. Kaylin D says:

    Thanks for the support! I can’t wait to show everyone the results! Stay tuned…

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