Wedding Tracker: Meet Valli A.!

Jan 31

The story of Valli A. begins in 2007 at a party in New York City.  Having recently moved from Panama to begin her education as an interior designer, Valli barely recognized a friend in the crowd she hadn’t seen in several months.  That friend, it turns out, had completely transformed her body into a hotter, fitter and more vibrant version of herself.  Valli wanted a piece of the action, and inquired within.  The source, it turns out, was SkoogFit.

Valli and I started training in 2008.  By cleaning up her diet and streamlining her workouts to accommodate her busy lifestyle as a student, we’ve built a solid foundation of fitness together.  Valli has maintained a 15-pound weight loss!

Over the holiday season, her longtime boyfriend of 8 years proposed and she said yes!  With only 5 short months to plan her Panamanian wedding of May 13, 2011 (just a few days after her 25th birthday), Valli has had to hit the ground running.

At 5’3″ and 111 lbs, this bride clearly doesn’t need to lose any more weight.  Since she bought a figure-flattering V-neck, open back gown, we’ll tone up her arms, shoulders and back with twice-weekly strength training sessions.  She’ll continue doing pilates once/week and do cardio for stress relief and weight maintenance.

Since Valli needs to build muscle, my strategy until the big day is to focus on strength training (3-4 sets of 5-10 repetitions) for 4 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of hypertrophy training (3 sets of 8-12 repetitions).  After hitting the upper body muscles twice/week, she’ll follow up our workouts with lean protein intake.

For the month of February we’ll focus on gaining control of her recently-diagnosed acid reflux.  We’ll constantly monitor her diet to assure she’s getting enough food and proper nutrition to maintain her metabolism.  My concern is that she’ll lose too much weight, even though she is a self-proclaimed food critic.

Join me every other Monday as we cheer Valli on to a better, more toned version of herself!!

2 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Meet Valli A.!

  1. Kaylin D says:

    Go Valli!! We’re in this together 🙂

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