Your Partner: The Sloth

Jan 13

So far so good in 2011:  your workouts are on-track, eating is pretty clean and you’ve lost a pound (or 2!).  However, your significant other is definitely NOT.  He/she sits around eating bonbons, flipping between The Simpsons and Cops .  Sometimes the love of your life may be unintentionally sabotaging your plans: change can be a scary thing!  How do you get him/her to join your team so you can succeed well into the future?  Chances are, they’re already halfway convinced because you’re lookin’ so fine.

  • “Let’s have pizza for dinner tonight,” he/she says.  Offer to help and cut calories in half:  pizza doesn’t have to be a calorie-bomb.  Use organic, thin whole wheat crust, 1/3 less cheese (at least on your side of the pie), lots of veggies, and make a big salad to go along with it.
  • He/She loves beer.  If you too are tempted, replace it with lite beer or sparkling water!
  • You’re heading out to the gym and they are glued to the computer.  Communicate with him/her:  Say, “when I see you work out it’s an aphrodesiac.  Will you please join me?”  You don’t get anything if you don’t ask!  You can also gift a fitness magazine to them ‘just because’ or suggest a trip to the beach.  With the pressure of exposing him/herself to the public, new motivation may ignite!
  • You’ve paid for their gym membership, but it’s unused!  (The nerve!)  Schedule a personal training session with a trainer.  Most gyms give a session or two with a trainer when you first join; upgrade it to a 3-5 pack!  Be sure you drive home the message that they do expire and you don’t want to waste your money!
  • At the beginning of my relationship, my now-husband and I used to run together.  Since then, he’s developed a knee problem that hinders him from the sport.  Our solution?  I bought him a bike and have him pedal alongside!  A couple that exercises together stays together.  (Plus, keeping our bodies in shape does wonders for our, um, intimacy levels!)  Find a sport you both like and do it once/week together!
  • Your spouse has ‘baby fat’ and the baby is over a year old.   Suggest that you both consult with a nutritionist or take a nutrition course together so “you” can get healthy.  Chances are, he/she will love the idea of having more energy-efficient foods!

If none of these strategies work, continue staying strong and putting up resistance as needed.  Don’t give up hope!  If you have other ideas or strategies that have worked, email me and share!

2 Responses to Your Partner: The Sloth

  1. Desiree says:

    OK. So I read this entry to my BF yesterday. (Not to say I’m not “the sloth” sometimes), but let’s just say I went to the gym this morning & he took his gym bag to work!

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