Bridezilla Who? Wedding Tracker with Valli.

Feb 28

In the last two weeks, Valli has been feeling much better, thanks! She is winning the battle against acid reflux and has gained a much-needed pound! Could it be a pound of muscle, fueling her metabolism and reshaping her tiny frame to a more toned bride in May?!

Per my advice, Valli keeps a food log, plans out her meals and eats a salad every day. Those post-workout smoothies she loves now have extra whey protein to repair her heavily-worked muscles. Eating out isn’t a problem, as our girl is a sushi addict! At around 32 calories per ounce, Valli gobbles up bluefin, yellowtail and salmon sashimi at one of her favorite haunts, Masa. Yum!!!!!

Valli will have bare arms & shoulders in her fitted-bodice wedding gown. Therefore, toning up those arms, shoulders and back is essential! Three times each week Valli comes in for a beating: we target a specific muscle group and work it HARDCORE…our girl takes it like a champ! Since Valli loves Pilates, she supplements our training at Bent Pilates Studio once/week to strengthen her core.

We all know weddings can be stressful — especially as the big day approaches! Stress can be a huge hindrance to weight maintenance. It can interrupt sleep, influence appetite control, incite injury and distract from what’s really going on! Our girl is so chill, it’s hard to believe she’s even planning a big affair! Thankfully, the big day, the drama, and the craziness is isolated to Panama: she has kept everything in perspective from afar. Between her mother and the wedding planner, things are getting done. Through mini pep talks with her far-away fiance, Valli remains completely zen and focused! I haven’t seen anything like it!

Stay tuned next Monday: I wonder if the stress of California Kaylin’s October day is taking over!

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