Love. It's not for dinner.

Feb 10

Dinner.  Roses.  Chocolate.  Card.  Hype.  Ugh.

If you’re bored with the usual ho-hum tradition of overpriced prix-fixe restaurant fare on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone.  Every year, millions of Americans fill up restaurants and stuff their faces, adding to their winter waistlines.  With a little creativity and planning ahead, you can make this year a memorable one and have some real fun!  Read on…

  • Give your love the gift of Lululemon followed with a partner yoga class.
  • Visit a spa and get a couples’ massage.  Enjoy each other’s company post-massage in the steam room.
  • Throw down a blanket, light some candles, pack a basketfull of nibbles, pour some bubbly and plan an ‘indoor picnic’.
  • Make your living room into a low-lit lounge: turn on some sexy music and dance together.
  • Go stargazing.  Visit the planetarium.
  • Play board games.  Compete for naughty prizes.
  • Jack up your heart rate:  Go skiing.  Or sledding.  Or ice skating.  Cuddle up around a fireplace with a skim hot chocolate post-adventure.
  • If you’re in a warm climate, take a hike.  Enjoy the quiet of nature.
  • Test your trust for each other: try indoor rock climbing at a local climbing wall.
  • Go bowling.  Add a little competition to your night!
  • See each other from a new perspective: take in some modern art at a local museum or gallery crawl.  Or check out other Time Out New York happenings at this link for more crazyness.

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