Over so soon?

Feb 08

For the last 6 weeks, my client and I have had major difficulty finding space or equipment to “work it out.” When we needed the 17.5-lb dumbbells, they were nowhere to be found…clearly being used by a newbie or left on the floor a mile away, only to be discovered by the gym cleaner-upper.  Then came last Saturday. Almost like magic, we had our choice of treadmills, found an entire area to jump around in and even had access to TWO PAIRS of 17’s!

While I appreciate the extra space and access to the stuff I need to do my job, there’s a darker reality happening here: many of the new faces of the new year have disappeared and it’s business as usual pre-2011.

Not good…totally bums me out.

Many people started this year with the best of intentions. Millions of Americans spent hundreds of dollars on workout gear, memberships and equipment with the intention of changing their lives for the better. But as we all know, bad habits are hard to break!

If someone you know resolved to do better this year and you see their enthusiasm wane, reach out to them. Suggest to join them at the gym.  Plan a stroll instead of catching up over drinks.  Give an early birthday present of sessions with a trainer. Plan a friends-only getaway at the beach for swimsuit-body motivation. An friend in need is a friend indeed!

If you’re the one struggling to keep the dream alive, call me. Email me. Tweet me. Facebook me. I can be your biggest cheerleader if you let me.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s break those nasty habits once and for all.  2011 is your year.  I promise.

2 Responses to Over so soon?

  1. Amy says:

    2011 IS my year! I have a goal of a 25 lb weight loss to get back to pre-baby weight (said babies are 2 & 4 years old!). I’m tracking every calorie in and doing a combination of running 3 times a week, yoga 2 times, core class 1x/week. So far, so good…down 6.5 in January. Be my cheerleader!! It’s sometimes hard to stay dedicated. But a 10K in May is helping to keep me focused. I probably should add some more strength in there, but I’m running out of days/time in the week.

    • SkoogFit says:

      Wow, that’s awesome!!!!! You only have 18.5# to go! Totally manageable.
      I like the workout program you’re on. The only thing I would suggest is mixing up those runs: do sprints for one of your runs: warm up for a few mins, then sprint for 45-60 secs, recover for 1min, repeat 4-10 times. I might also add 30 mins of strength or calisthenics (bodyweight home workout). See my ‘Dudefit’ blog. So cool, girl–way to go!!!!!!

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