Tracking Kaylin D: 1 Month Down!

Feb 22

While the rest of the nation is in a deep freeze, our SoCal bride-to-be has been making great strides toward her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals. Maybe it’s that bright, sunny California weather, or perhaps it’s her demeanor that matches said weather. Whatever it is, Kaylin’s success has been unprecedented! With a starting weight of 155lbs, she lost 7.5lbs thus far, bring her to today’s weight of 147.5. This girl is ON FIRE!

How did she do it, you ask? We chose a goal of simply maintaining consistency through the last 30 days. By eating clean (I supervise her food & exercise from afar) getting in those workouts and just as important: enough rest, Kaylin is off to the best start imaginable for her big October wedding.

After we last checked in with her, Kaylin was gobbling up Girl Scout cookies like they were vitamins. I haven’t seen one of those bad boys on her food log for 2 weeks! Additionally, she cut down her drinking and inserted an extra healthy snack during the day to cut down on late-night snacking. Even the grocery store cashier complimented her healthy choices! And her friends have begun to notice, asking, “How are you doing it?!” (Music to my ears!) When someone you know has been reaching new heights in their life, encourage them. Compliments go a long way! A job well-done deserves recognition from our peers. These little ego boosts mean everything – especially when the going gets tough! Pay a compliment every day to someone who deserves it! Pay it forward!

Ironically, work seems to be a good influence on Kaylin: it helps to have a daily routine and healthy snacks in her drawer. It’s what comes AFTER work that seems to derail her from time to time. Going forward, we will work on planning ahead. On Sundays she will examine her workload and social calendar for the week, scheduling in her workouts and preparing meals, snacks and a weekly treat. She will keep the following in mind as she strategizes:

  • By always having a portable snack in her purse, she will never be caught without choices.
  • Since she still needs to have a life, she will practice willpower: she doesn’t need the whole chocolate cupcake – maybe just a bite?
  • Water, water, water. Kaylin will always keep a bottle handy as a constant reminder. Flush the system!
  • Working out is essential. Schedule it in, no excuses.

One Response to Tracking Kaylin D: 1 Month Down!

  1. Valli says:

    Yay Kaylin!!!!!! You’re doing great!

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