Wedding Tracker: Checking In W/ Valli A!

Feb 14

Remember Panama-Valli? Our springtime bride-to-be has had quite the week! Gaining control of acid reflux is proving to be a difficult task! How do you tell a coffee-addict to quit cold-turkey?! Mayhem! And peanut butter? Forget it! We called in a nutritionist to the rescue but got led on a wild goose chase. Finally, Valli caught the flu…just in time for a Valentine’s Day visit from her beloved. What a string of bad luck! Let’s take a closer look at these learning lessons:

Eating healthy fat is essential to Valli’s goal of weight maintenance. Since her diet is restricted, she needs the extra calories and peanut butter packs a punch. From a spoonful in oats to a staple in smoothies, Valli is in love. Last week, however, her acid reflux flared up, making her feel less-than-great.  Our solution?  Almond butter.  Let’s see if that helps:  we love Justin’s.

After the peanut butter incident, we decided to hire a nutritionist. Per Valli’s doctor in Panama, she contacted the referral nutritionist who promised to send a menu.  To make a long story short, this ‘food expert’ turned out to be amateur:  she couldn’t be bothered to return emails, phone calls and pleas for a prompt plan.  Luckily, I come with back-up:  the talented Samantha Lynch, my go-to nutrition expert. I know she’ll come through for Valli like she did for my big day.

Since we’re trying to gain muscle, weight loss is not our goal.  In fact, at 111 pounds, this girl might dry up and blow away!  Valli caught the flu bug-nixing our plans of stabilizing her weight and metabolism-and lost another pound, bringing her weight to a new low of 110 pounds.  Argh!

Stay tuned next Monday when we check in with Kaylin-I hear she kicked those girl scout cookies to the curb!

2 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Checking In W/ Valli A!

  1. Kaylin D says:

    Man Valli, you’re definitely not catching any breaks right now! Keep it up though, I know you can get there!

  2. SkoogFit says:

    I love the support! xox!!!

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