What the hock?!

Feb 20

Gross confession alert:  I am a spitter during outdoor exercise, especially in the pollen-filled springtime though I’m a year-round type of ejector.

While training for an upcoming half-marathon in Central Park, this morning’s 7-mile run produced more loogies than usual:  it was a bitter cold, windy, 22 degrees.  Since I’m training without headphones these days, I’ve been more aware of other runner’s habits and it turns out I’m not alone.  There were snot cannons every few yards!

Let’s ‘clear up’ this curious habit:  according to the Mayo Clinic’s website, we produce one to two quarts of saliva per day!  It seems crazy to think that since swallowing is a natural and unconscious act, we don’t even notice!  Additionally, seasonal allergies produce extra phlem, as does dehydration levels and the body’s cooling mechanisms.  Should we be getting rid of this slimy substance which is composed of protein, electrolytes and water?  Or should we ingest it?

I’ve been a disgusted victim of someone else’s snot rocket in my face:  not pleasant.  Even though it’s poor etiquette, if you must eject your boogers, look over your shoulder not once, but twice.  If it’s clear, move over to the curb and discard of the sludge in the grass or shoulder of the trail.  A little precaution will save you from embarrassment or angry confrontation.

2 Responses to What the hock?!

  1. Karen Skoog says:

    Blech! You might see vomit after reading this post! Seriously funny, though!

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