Sit tall! Chest up!

Mar 15

In the movies, Wall Street seems so glamorous: men and women wearing power suits, walking with a purpose, heads held high on their way to big meetings, moving and shaking the financial world.  But what I witnessed yesterday as I walked down the real Wall Street stopped me in my tracks.  These people had rounded shoulders, shuffle-like walking and bad, bad posture.

Sitting for 8, 10, 15 hours a day coupled with stress from the weight of the world and little sleep for years on end can be deadly.  Many of my clients have postural deviations from years of hunching over their computers.  Let’s talk about how to fix bad posture and get the confident, proud-penguin look.

Start by stretching the chest:

  1. Find a doorway
  2. Open arms into doorway until elbows are shoulder-height
  3. Breath slowly and gently stretch (do not pulse) for 30-60 seconds

The following 3 exercises are GREAT for improving posture:

  1. Rows.  Building strength in the upper back muscles is imperative to drawing those rounded shoulders back.
  2. Reverse Flys.  Again, isolating the upper back/posterior deltoid area will open up the chest.
  3. Quad Peds.  These exercises, done on hands & knees are great for spine stabilization, opening up the lats and shoulders and engaging the erector spinae (essential for holding the body upright)

Remember anytime you train that if you train with poor posture, so shall you in life. Train with consciousness.

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