TSA-Proof Snacks

Mar 01

These days, liquid restrictions for air travel can be annoying, to say the very least!  And the ‘liquid’ definition gets a little murky when it comes to food.  Between our wedding and honeymoon, we had a difficult time deciding on what to pack in the suitcase and what to carry on.  A dear aunt lovingly made jam for my new husband and I as a send-off gift.  On our way to the airport, I couldn’t resist sticking my finger in the jar to taste it’s homemade sweet goodness.  It was amazing.  I couldn’t wait to spread it on a slice of toast when we got home.  The TSA agent decided it was a ‘banned substance’ and smugly took it away from my unwilling, prying hands.  Tears weren’t far away as I watched my aunt’s love-filled work disappear.  Jam?  Liquid?

Getting to my point, I bring my own snacks when I travel, as I can’t handle the expense of airport food, nevermind the preservatives and sodium!  (Even bananas have that airport taste!)  I learned that even a jar of peanut butter will get snatched up by the hungry TSA’s, so I am very careful.  Here is a list of treats for those spring-break travels:

  • low-sodium, all-natural instant lentil, split pea or other bean soup (ask the flight attendant for hot water)
  • a pack or 2 of instant oatmeal
  • an apple with a packet of almond (or any nut) butter
  • hummus singles with a bell pepper, snap peas, carrot or celery sticks
  • the obvious trail mix handful
  • a kind bar (or other less-than-200-calorie-bar)
  • steamed (and already cooled) edamame
  • a few whole-grain crackers with a cheese stick

Happy travels!

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