Wedding Tracker: Kaylin: Size 6!

Mar 07

I don’t know where to begin with this one.  Kaylin is beyond awesome.  She has taken her fitness to another level.  Seriously.

Before we began this journey, Kaylin weighed 155 pounds.  She ate what she pleased and had no consistency in her workouts.  But that was 6 weeks and 9 1/2 pounds ago.  She now weighs 145.5 pounds!

I’ve been getting emails that go a little something like this:

I was trying to be better about eating consistently outside of work, and I think I did a pretty good job. Friday was not great because of that dinner out at the Moroccan restaturant – which was soooo good. I did think I was pretty good though because we went to a stand-up comedy show afterwords, and they have a two drink minimum for each person. Because of our 4 course meal and the baklava, I just opted for soda water, which you and I know, I would not have done before :). Also, I tried to be as good as possible on Thursday night when we had dinner at Mark’s parents. They brought in Italian, and I opted for just the chicken breast with marinara, and I took off the cheese. As much as I wanted it, I restrained myself from the pasta and meatballs, because I knew the next night we would be indulging.

See what I mean?  This proves she’s still having a blast, just taking a little extra time to plan out her days/weeks according to those mini-celebrations!

So far, our girl has lost a total of 4 inches:

  • 1 inch around her bust
  • 1 inch around her waist
  • 2 inches around her hips

Kaylin and her fiance have been busy:  they finished their wedding website and posed for engagement photos over this past weekend.  In preparation for the photoshoot, our busy bride’s dress shopping was difficult:  since they all looked fantastic, she had trouble narrowing down her choices because THEY ALL LOOKED GREAT!    In fact, her old size 8 was way too bigshe’s down to a perfect size 6!

Her wedding gown arrives this upcoming weekend:  I can’t wait to hear how it goes and see how it fits!  Stay tuned in 2 weeks for more breaking news on the Kaylin front!!

2 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Kaylin: Size 6!

  1. Kaylin D says:

    Thanks for all the props Jenny! It’s nice to have the pics, because I can actually see the difference, and am not just relying on how I think I feel.

  2. SkoogFit says:

    You’re nailing this, girl…!

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