Wedding Tracker: Kaylin's eat pray love life.

Mar 21

For the past 8 weeks, bride-to-be Kaylin has created new habits that I hope will have a lifelong impact, even as life gets a little chaotic.  Each day of April is booked solid:  there will be a little eating in Paris with a girlfriend, I will be praying in New York that she maintains her amazing success thus far and then she’s off with her love to do more wedding planning in Paso Robles.  Additionally, she will be traveling for work to San Francisco and working at the restaurant every weekend to make up for that Paris trip.

We have a lot of strategic planning ahead of us as she prepares for life on the road. I will equip her with travel workouts, healthy tips for ordering from tempting French menus, ways to cut the crap without seeming like a prude and feeling left out.  I am always available for those ‘caught off-guard’ moments.

Kaylin has seen amazing results by sticking to our weekly workout programs, replacing her snacks and meals with healthier choices and planning for success.  Starting at 155 pounds, today she is at a feathery 143 lbs (yes.  12 pounds in 8 weeks)!  In fact, co-workers, friends and that hot fiance of hers are stunned with her progress.  She is in the best shape of her life and feeling more confident about her body than ever before:  if she doesn’t lose another pound by October, this bride has already won.  Always a little self-conscious in a bikini, our girl is taking up surfing lessons.  I can’t think of a better way to show off that new, tight bod!  I die.

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