Wedding Tracker: Valli

Mar 14

Valli’s wedding is just 8 weeks away.  As we learned from our last check-in, ‘crunch time’ isn’t in our bride’s vocabulary (except when it pertains to her weekly pilates sessions):  she seems about as relaxed as they get.  Stress?  Ha!  We’ve been having a great time!  Last week, Valli’s dad joined in a very tough workout!  He was an amazing partner:  Valli did more pushups than ever before and they had a great time encouraging each other through the hour.  That guy can move!!  (It must run in the family.)

Valli is spending her spring break in sunny, warm Panama this week finishing up some last-minute wedding planning and attending a few parties in her honor.  I’m not too worried about her diet, as she seems to have gotten her acid reflux symptoms under control with precise dietary guidelines.  However, our girl is under strict orders to train with her Panamanian trainer (Panamanian Jenny:  if you’re reading this, bring the pain!  Push that girl to her limit!) and take tennis lessons every day.  Going out of town doesn’t mean out of my sight and out of my mind–in fact, quite the opposite.  I expect to hear from her, like, every day.

If there’s one thing I have learned about successful training programs, it’s staying on track during those travels.  Maintaining a strict workout regimen while away will make all the difference when you come back to reality fit as a fiddle!

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