Self employed? Read on.

Apr 06

In the last two years, the ups and downs of the economy have forced many people to reinvent themselves and become self-employed.  It can be very liberating on one hand, but if you’re not careful, it’s very easy to put on weight.  The highs and lows of business are very stressful and many business owners put themselves on the back burner.

My advice?  Set yourself up for success.  With a little preparation and planning, those lovehandles will have nowhere to go:

  • Have set mealtimes.  Instead of grazing throughout the day, eat every 3-4 hours, i.e. breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, afternoon snack at 3:30pm, and dinner at 7pm
  • Portion out snacks and serving sizes. Remember that commute you used to have?  Use that time to set yourself up for success.  Peel and cut up carrots for dipping into hummus, count out and divvy up nuts so you don’t overeat them, cook up some turkey meatloaf and freeze the leftovers.
  • Substitute coffee throughout the day with caffeine-free green or herbal tea. My favorite is Republic of Tea’s Pomegranate green.
  • Nix the junk food. It shouldn’t even be in your home.  Buy your favorite salad fixin’s and eat a salad every day.  Fill a giant fruit bowl with your seasonal favorites.
  • Exercise.  Wake up an hour earlier than you planned and get a literal jump-start to your day.  Every day.  Now that you’re making “real money”, hire a trainer to bring the pain.
  • At mealtime, sit at the table. Turn off the TV or any other electronic devices and focus on your food.  Enjoy it!
  • Adhere to a schedule and stay focused. Need to catch up on emails?  Have bills to pay?  Mark your calendar for a specific amount of time to get ‘er done!

Eyes on the prize, friends!

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