'tis the season for bikes!

Apr 12

I spent most of the past week in my home-state of Minnesota.  For several years, the city of Minneapolis has been amping up their bicycle trails, putting them in the number one spot for bicycle enthusiasts around the country.  In the dead of winter, during brutal stormy conditions, die-hard bikers commute distances further than 20 miles to work.

I’m impressed.

I’m a fair weather fan.  The forecast decides whether I dig my bike out or leave it for another week gathering dust downstairs in storage.  I just don’t see the point in biking on slippery roads or extremely windy conditions.  It’s not that serious.

Except for mornings like today.  I waited for 11 minutes on the street corner at 4:55 a.m. trying to catch a cab to work.  Not only was I late to my client, but I put myself in harm’s way with the late-night revelers just getting in from last night’s partying.

Time to tune up the bike and start logging the miles!

One Response to 'tis the season for bikes!

  1. ehsmuse says:

    Here here. Bikes rule. (So does Skoog.)

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