Wedding Tracker: Kaylin's Travel Woes

Apr 18

A beautiful Parisian run in the Luxembourg Gardens

Travel can put a monkey-wrench into anyone’s straight-and-narrow plan.  Kaylin had every intention of staying on track through her travels, and believe me — she fared better than most.  From long plane rides (hello, Paris) to pastries and peer pressure, our girl did her best to choose the fruit tart over the chocolate mousse, the stairs in lieu of the elevator, and sparkling water instead of that evil gin & tonic.

But she still had fun…read on:
I went into Paris with full intention of being as good as possible, and I did try to start out that way, but then I guess Paris got to me – and I gave in. I still managed to keep up my workouts, but with only really being there for 3 days, there were things on the list that I wanted to have while I was there, and so I did. Thank goodness I wasn’t there too long, and thank goodness you do so much walking while in the city. It was an amazing trip though, and I have to say, I don’t feel too guilty for giving in while I was there – I mean it’s Paris – and I might not be back there for some years.
…and when she got back to sunny So-Cal, she got right back on the program.  After a brief interlude in San Francisco where her boss nearly sabotaged our girl with liquid temptations galore, Kaylin stuck to her guns and is now nose-to-the-grindstone at work until the end of the month.
With all that fun, Kaylin has had a hard time facing the music:  since coming home, she hasn’t stepped on the scale.  Assessing the damage after a foodfest can be difficult, but knowing where you’re at and the feeling of gaining control is important in this process.  After all, this is life–we’re all allowed to have a little fun, right?!  To that, I say never regret that fun — just get right back on the straight & narrow.  Like, now.  Start with a tall glass of lemon water, eat simple, clean and whole foods in small portions.  Savor the feeling of a hard run and clean eating.
My one concern for Kaylin is that she’s burning the candle at both ends.  In an effort to keep her workouts on-track, she has lost an essential component to weight loss and stress management:  proper sleep and recovery.  I received a text message this morning from our bride wondering why today’s run felt so difficult:  her legs felt tight and she was more fatigued than usual.  I applaud her efforts to get up before sunrise to burn those calories, but too little sleep can put the damper on those results!
The focus for the rest of the week?  At least 8 hours of sleep each night.  If she hasn’t racked up those hours, she is under strict orders not to work out.  (You hear that, girl?!)  The last thing we need is for Kaylin to gain weight, become frustrated or worse: get injured.

One Response to Wedding Tracker: Kaylin's Travel Woes

  1. Kaylin! It’s working! You look amazing!

    I also enjoy the refreshing and energizing zest of moving at dawn.

    Naps are good, too! 🙂

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