Wedding Tracker: Week 10: Kaylin

Apr 04

I think we’ve created a monster of sorts.  Kaylin is still on fire with her workouts and has dropped pants sizes from size 30 to a 27/28!  She’s 15 pounds lighter, bringing her weight to a solid 140.5 pounds…and we haven’t even started the REAL training yet!

For the past 3 months, I have sent Kaylin stabilization and endurance workouts. We have simply been preparing her body for the harder work that lies ahead: strength, power and high-intensity-interval training.  I’m telling you, she has been chomping at the bit, saying, “I feel like I can work harder and am ready to increase the intensity.”  I need to hold her back: those days are coming.  If this October-bride peaks too soon, I will have failed at the job she hired me for!  We want her looking the very best on that big day and not a moment too soon.

I’m almost afraid to increase intensity.  From the results we’ve been seeing in the few lifestyle changes we’ve incorporated, this chick might disappear!  She sent some more ‘after’ photos last week and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I cannot believe the transformation!

Kaylin is off to Paris this week for some gluttony.  Our goal in April is to maintain her weight, continue making smart choices and exercise regularly.  Especially on the road. We have no expectations of dropping any weight, just maintaining consistency on the road with her workouts and making smart decisions with what might be fatty French menus.

She is well-equipped with last-minute, on-the-go workouts.  I am on speed-dial for panic situations and quick advice with menu planning.  Let’s see how she does when we check in with her in 2 weeks!

2 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Week 10: Kaylin

  1. Kaylin D says:

    It’s easy when you have Jenny as your motivator! You’ve definitely helped me build a solid foundation of healthy habits for my future 🙂

  2. SkoogFit says:

    …’cause you rock and follow the program! XOXO

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