A moment at the lips…forever on the hips?

May 23

How many times in the past year have you begun a new eating/exercise regimen and, after a few days, a week…maybe even a month, a setback occurs and you fall ‘off-track’. The mentality is that if you screw up you might as well stop altogether, and eat the entire pizza-pie, the bowl of candy, the fries and soda.  Quit.  End of story.  Better luck next time.  Old habits die hard, right?

I cannot tell you how many times my clients show up to a session, lamenting to me in near-tears that they “totally blew it” over the weekend at their best friend’s birthday party with mac&cheese, cake and french fries! (“But Jenny, grilled fish wasn’t on the menu!”)  I know — such perfectionists. After kicking up the intensity a few notches in our workout and a bit of emotional coaching, I help them realize it’s not so bad — one night of fun doesn’t mean they’ll never reach their goal!!  In fact, everyone falters from time to time–by giving yourself a little wiggle room, you will learn to truly enjoy those little indulgent moments (and keep them small) and charge ahead on the straight and narrow!  The worst thing you can do is be hard on yourself: negativity leads to more negativity and misery loves company.  Look ahead instead of backwards.

A respected colleague of mine eats clean & hits the gym hard 3 days in a row.  On the 4th day, she enjoys ice cream or another ‘fun food’ and cycles back to the 3 days on.  She follows this pattern every week, month and all year long…she’s got a phenomenal body.

In general, I follow the 80/20 rule:  I eat whole, clean foods 80% of the time, partake in a little ‘fun’ 20% of the time (except these days, since it’s beach season, it’s more like 85/15).

What’s your strategy?

2 Responses to A moment at the lips…forever on the hips?

  1. Amy says:

    When I want to indulge in a slice of cake, or a helping of pizza, I up the workout minutes for the day. My big struggle is eating right while traveling for work. When I’m home & in my routine, it’s fine…I make all my own food so I know just what’s in it. When I have to order it, it’s extra tasty…with extra calories!

    • SkoogFit says:

      I hear ya. Every time I go to my parents’ house, all restraint goes out the window. C’mon. It’s my mom’s homemade bread! I just steal her gym card and kill it. Inevitably I gain a pound or 2 at their house…

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