Fit Mommy.

May 09

Every Monday my to-do list is longer than a kid’s wishlist at Christmas.  Today’s list is even longer…more like a greedy spoiled brat’s Christmas list.  Making exercise a priority today was killer, so I called a friend to keep me accountable.  Off we ran, 6 miles in Central Park, taking turns pushing her 10-month-old in a jogging stroller, (me on the uphill, she on the downhill). Central Park has some serious hills, and that baby weighs 23 pounds!

New York City is full of strollers attached to buff mommies.  I used to wonder how they got in shape so fast after giving birth…until today.  If these women are pushing strollers all day long, every day, I see the light.  Carting a baby around is no joke–my shoulders and triceps are fried!

Who knew?!

2 Responses to Fit Mommy.

  1. Barb says:

    almost like when we toured NYC with my baby and stroller…you helped so much. Up and down those subway steps. Thank you!

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