Wedding Tracker Extravaganza

May 17

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but I have been out of the country on some important business: Valli’s Panamanian wedding!  She looked stunning.  My husband and I spent 5 days being hosted by her beautiful family and friends.  We had VIP treatment:  a private city tour, a behind-the-scenes exclusive Canal tour, a cruise on the Canal to Monkey Island where we saw baby crocs, exotic birds and, yes, oodles of monkeys staring back at us.  The highlight, however, was Valli’s wedding, which seemed like a repeat of the royal affair.  It was a grand, see-and-be-seen, hottest ticket in town:  the party lasted until 6:30 in the morning.  My feet are still sore.  But even more important was that Valli was the last one standing.  She outdanced every last person and I have to believe her stamina was from all that pre-wedding training she did in the months leading up to her big day.  Valli is a true athlete.



1 down, 1 to go…for the next few months, we’ll be tracking Kaylin’s progress through the summer until her October wedding in Cali. To that end, after a bumpy, but fun road in April, she recommitted to her goals.  We turned up the heat in her workouts, adding sprints and power to the program. She’s definitely feeling the difference and it shows–Kaylin is down to a slim 138 pounds! If I had to guess, she’ll be at 135 soon, bringing her total weight loss so far to 20 pounds. Can you imagine? All this since the end of January.

And all Kaylin did was commit to her goals.  How many people can say they kept their resolutions this year?!

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