Wedding Tracker: Kaylin Wears Shorts…

May 02

…for the first time in YEARS!!  Yes, you heard right…she has lived in California all this time and has been too self-conscious to wear shorts for most of her adult life!  Woah…

Back in January, our Cali-bride weighed 155 pounds.  In just 2 1/2 short months, she lost 15 pounds by sticking to my plan of health-conscious eating, exercise and practicing self-control in social settings.  However, everyone is allowed to have some fun along the way:  what’s life if you can’t let loose every now and then?  And fun she had:  Paris, San Francisco and other mini-side-trips along the way!  We began April 1st at 140 lbs, gained and lost three, ending the month at zero loss but tons gained in confidence, satisfaction and happiness!  Our only goal for April was maintenance, and she achieved it beautifully!

Our about-to-be Mrs. has been on a real domestic streak after the whirlwind world tour.  After eating sodium-packed airport food, Kaylin has been baking her own snacks and treats. Knowing what ingredients are going into your body and controlling those calories can mean the difference between a belly roll and a washboard stomach.  Kaylin discovered a couple fun recipes that I’d like to share with you, dear reader…my taste buds are dancing in delight:

I die.

As for the month of May, Kaylin has been chomping at the bit for more intensity in her workouts.  This month is a toughie:  we’ve introduced mountain climbers, burpees with pushups and sprints.  May the force be with her.

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