Wedding Tracker with Kaylin

May 31

Kaylin has been doing a FANTASTIC job of staying on-track…with all those compliments coming in and the encouragement from her family and friends, Kaylin has managed to lose MORE weight, bringing her to a record low of 137.5 pounds.  Seriously.

That’s the good news.  We had issues in the last few weeks that brought about a visit to the doctor (don’t be alarmed, friends).  See, Kaylin is starting to feel the stress of this whole wedding thing (hello-work-6-days-a-week-and-still-trying-to-have-a-relationship!) and it’s given her some stomach-aches.  With a little nudge from the probiotic department, our girl should be feeling back to her normal self in no time…as feeling sub-par is definitely no fun for anyone.

We’ve really upped the ante on her workouts and she’s running a 7:47 mile.  Yes, this is someone who hasn’t been an athlete during her entire adult life.  Sounds like we might have found a competitive streak within?  (Full disclosure:  I think I ran a sub-8 minute mile once in my life and I’m a trainer…just fyi.)  This came after a visit to the running store to get fitted for proper trainers (her old ones were 8 years’ of wear & tear!).  As I told Kaylin and all of my clients:  replace running shoes every 350 miles or every 6 months. Sure is cheaper than a knee replacement later in life, right?!

Most of my brides are very busy trying to make ends meet with work (deadlines, travel AND saving the dough for the big expense), workouts (those 12-hour days at the office are psychologically exhausting it’s tough to fit it all in) and trying to spend quality time with family, friends and the fiance.  Stress is a killer.  One of the most important things to remember for Kaylin and other brides like her is to make time for themselves doing something they truly enjoy.  Like reading a good book, gossipy magazine or watching a mindless sitcom with a cup of green tea for 15-30 minutes…something that suspends reality for awhile and allows her to truly turn off.

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