Drink, y'all!

Jun 17

In these busy summer months, it’s easy to lose track of how much water you’re putting into your body.  Dehydration is no joke.  We’ve all heard of someone landing in the E.R. due to this dangerous condition.  Aside from drinking more water, there are many ways to stay on top of hydration.  Read on:

Certain foods can count towards 20% of your daily water intake.  For instance, a 3-ounce cucumber is like drinking 3 ounces of water, but better:  it contains vitamins and nutrients, too!  Lots of bang for your buck in watermelon, spinach, cantaloupe, peaches, citrus, tomatoes and broccoli, too!

Many brands of sparkling water contain sodium.  Reach for a bottle of Poland Springs, or read the label to ensure that your brand does not contain this dehydrating substance. I also suggest infusing your water with fruit. Some of my favorite combinations are:

  • lemon & raspberries
  • lemon & strawberries
  • mint, cucumber & lime
  • watermelon & blueberries

I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’m no Gatorade fan…unless you’ve just run a half marathon, Gatorade contains way more sugars than you need.  My suggestion?  Water it down, or drink G2, which has half the calories.  Better yet, grab a coconut water, which contains 4 bananas-worth of potassium.  My favorite is infused with mango.  YUM!

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