He's just not that into you…

Jun 19

I train clients all over Manhattan in various private gyms.  While many personal trainers out there possess professionalism and expert knowledge (or do they?), I can’t help but notice a growing pet peeve of mine:  lazy and distracted trainers.  While their clients are huffing and puffing away, their overpaid trainer-with-a-hangover is sitting on a workout bench taking up valuable space, drinking a venti-starbucks-mocha and texting their friends about last night’s party.

Not a good look.

The least these lazy fools can do is stand up and pretend to care for the 45 or 60 minutes they’re being paid for.  The next time your trainer answers a text mid-set, maybe it’s time to reassess that trainer-client relationship.  After all, you’re paying a premium for your health!

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