Into the country…into the wild.

Jun 10

Travel can wreak havoc on anyone’s diet and exercise program.  I flew to Minnesota yesterday with the best of intentions to stay on-track despite family gatherings, work events and play-dates with friends. 

First off, getting to the airport, going through the hour-long security line and resisting crappy airport food is an experience on it’s own (I ate yogurt in my cab).  During the flight, the flight attendants walked around offering a smorgasboard of sugary, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks…and tried to sell an array of greasy, nutrition-lacking ‘food’ (pizza and burgers??  gross!).  Finally, after touchdown and renting my car, I still had a 2-hour drive ahead of me.  I was ravenous. Nevermind that I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I’ve already set myself up for a giant gut bomb of cravings.

I paid a visit Whole Foods, where I stocked up on some favorite staples:  yogurt, organic berries, oats and hormone-free meat.  Not only do my parents find it curious, but they get to try something new when I bring my smattering of goods home.  They’re so accustomed to my neurotic ways that no offense is taken.

Then the temptations set in.  My mom bakes the most delicious breads and cookies and she’s got treats stashed in every nook & cranny.  It’s a house of delicious horrors.  As soon as I announce my trip, the baking frenzy sets in.  I literally walk into the most nose-pleasing house on earth.  It’s a tough life.

Luckily there’s a gym nearby, country roads to run on and my healthy stash calling my name.

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