Wedding Tracker: Donut Cupcakes???

Jun 28

Holy smokes.

Getting ready for a wedding is seriously stressful and can make any woman become obsessive/compulsive.  Having to log every morsel of food and stick to a rigorous workout regimen for most of us might just tip the stress scale over.  Kaylin has been logging it all, meticuluously, week in and week out…to the point where she’s been feeling a little guilt (ok, a lot of guilt) after overindulging.  After all, if she eats a slice of pizza, she knows she’ll have to explain it later.  So, we’re experiencing a backlash.

Consequently, we have incorporated a cheat meal once every week, free and clear of any guilt, whatsoever.  No limits to what she can eat…but if you know the ‘new’ Kaylin, you can bet she’s not going overboard!!!

Also, if you recall, Kaylin’s visit to the doc some weeks ago had to do with her digestive system not functioning properly.  After realizing her diet was too low in fat, she has incorporated some healthy fats to her diet, since these fats play a huge role in mood management, staying positive, fighting fatigue, and even weight control.  Without enough fat intake, nutrients don’t get absorbed as well, and it can have a negative affect on digestion.

So.  What I didn’t think I’d ever see on her (or anyone’s) food log is a “donut cupcake”. Yes, you read that correctly…see the photo:

That’s about the most horribly amazing thing I have ever heard of.  Happy birthday to Kaylin’s momma — have a sugar bomb!

I’m not quite sure that’s the kind of fat I want to see on the log, but I DID say a ‘free and clear’ meal once a week, didn’t I??!

…I think I might ask for the recipe.  Don’t tell anyone.

5 Responses to Wedding Tracker: Donut Cupcakes???

  1. Kaylin D says:

    Go big or go home, right? 😉

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  3. SkoogFit says:

    I have gotten quite a few private queries regarding the recipe for these donut cupcakes, I had to reach out to Kaylin for it. Here you go!

    Use this cake and frosting recipe:

    And then also took the idea of the mini donut (not just donut hole) from here:

  4. Kaylin D says:

    So I love that on your blog, you have linked to another blog titled “Always with butter” 🙂 – Awesome.

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