Wedding Tracker with K-Dawg!

Jun 14

Kaylin continues to be teacher’s pet.  Each week in addition to 2 runs (she’s fast, too…under 8-minute miles), a spin class, pilates or yoga and two strength workouts, she does what I call ‘active rest’–an enjoyable, low-key, relaxing-but-still-worthwhile 30-90 minute beach stroll or other activity with her fiance.

She seems to be getting creative with her active rest:  last weekend, Kaylin and her fiance hiked 4 hilly, beautiful, sandy miles.  She has promised to get that long-awaited surf lesson in this month, too!  And to keep her at-home workouts from going stale, she has ordered Core Fusion Pilates & Yoga.  Smart.

Mark-the-fiance turned the big 3-0.  To that end, Kaylin and friends went all-out, renting a food truck for the occasion.  (YEAH!)  Clearly she ate some extra calories…who wouldn’t?!  To make up for her indulgences, our itty bitty bride-to-be has focused on eating extra clean ever since.  Her weight has maintained, meaning that by next week she’ll be down another pound, guaranteed.  It usually takes the body a bit of time to get on board.

With all the celebrations coming up in the next few months, Kaylin and I have implemented a ‘free’ meal plan: she gets one meal per week where she can eat whatever she wants, guilt-free. This way, she can have a little extra fun leading up to her wedding but still see results. However, her workouts are going to be just a little more intense and her weekday strategy will remain the same:  mean workouts, clean eating, mad sleep.

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