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Jul 14

In an effort to thwart my summer eating free-for-all (lots of carcinogens from the BBQ, sugary mango sorbet and an extra glass of wine), I wanted to ‘clean up my act’ without doing one of those metabolism-killer juice cleanses. Also not a huge fan of any hardcore fast in general, as I believe the body has an incredible way of cleaning itself out without the insanity of the Master Cleanse or ‘natural’ herbal supplements promising to cleanse the colon.  That is, if you eat real food (and not the crap that comes in a flashy, hot-pink box).

None of that stuff is for me.  I LOVE working out and firmly believe the body needs fat, protein and fiber to sustain energy and keep muscle. I can’t imagine trying to lift heavy, do sprints, let alone focus on work with my energy zapped.  Just not realistic.

Enter the lemon.  According to the classic herbal medicine text “A Modern Herbal,” lemons are the most valuable of all fruits for the preservation of health. Used by cultures around the world since ancient times to improve and maintain health, lemon juice packs a strong phytochemical punch. With the potential to ease conditions from inflammation to poisoning to cancer, lemons deserve a closer look into the medicinal features that give them their healing properties.  Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant required for the growth and repair of body tissues.  Potassium, also present in lemon juice, is essential for normal kidney function and is an electrolyte, critical for nerve and muscle function.  Lemon juice is an astringent and can be used to gargle with for sore throats or as lotion for sunburn. It’s also a cooling drink for fevers.  The list (source: here) literally goes on from there.

So. This is my ‘cleanse’:

Every morning for one week, I squeeze the juice of 1 ORGANIC lemon and drink it, by itself. After a minute or two, I down a full glass of room-temperature water.  That’s it! My eating has remained the same, though, mentally, I am aware of my ‘cleanse’ and have cut out the crap.

The following week, I follow the same regimen, except that I add a lemon every day. For instance:

  • Sunday I have 1 lemon.
  • Monday, 2 lemons.
  • Tuesday, 3…and so on, until
  • By Saturday I have 7 lemons (!!).

On week three, I count down from 7 each morning until I’m back at 1 lemon.

That’s a lot of lemons, but lemmetellya, I feel good. I think I see my abs again.

I’m just a trainer, not a doctor…so please don’t take my advice before consulting with your physician. What works for me might not work for you.

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