Yeah, It's Hot. So?

Jul 19

So, it’s a sauna out there.  Everywhere.  The subway, the park, the gym…shoot, even my taxi’s a/c was broken this morning.  And all across the country, I hear!

Too bad the heat is no excuse to fall off your healthy lifestyle regime.  You see, there are many ways to either include the heat into your program, or beat it altogether.  Let’s look at ways you can use the heat to your advantage:

  • Swim laps at the community pool (use waterproof sunblock)
  • Have a water balloon fight  (save the birds: pick up those balloons post-fight)
  • Wake up with the sun (get it done)
  • Jog on the beach (cool off in the water afterwards)
  • Get in some gardening (pull those weeds)
  • Go for a bike ride (along a shady trail)
  • Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor (then turn on the sprinklers)
  • Try some outdoor trapeze (for inner strength)
Not such a humid-summer-day fan?  Try these tricks:
  • Do your workout at home (hello stairs, calisthenics and plyometrics)
  • Retreat to the gym (push yourself past your comfort zone)
  • Stroll the mall (with the blue-haired ladies)
  • Try a new fitness class (like spin, kickboxing or pole dancing)
  • Clean your house (with vigor and fury)
  • Go ice skating (at a year-round rink)
And no matter what you end up doing, replenish your body with electrolytes and sodium.  I recommend coconut water or G2 Gatorade.  Add cucumber, mint and lime to your water for an added flavor twist and vitamin C boost!

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  1. SkoogFit says:

    Here’s a relevant and timely article in the Huffington Post: love their ideas, too!

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