Etiquette 101

Aug 02

Do you reschedule your gym visit in order to avoid listening to the loud grunter? Have you ever hopped on a machine, only to be thwarted by someone who is ‘using that’ piece of equipment (even though they clearly weren’t on it)? How about the guy next to you who carelessly (and very loudly) drops his 110-pound dumbbells on the floor (barely missing your foot)? I love being mid-sprint when perfume-laden barbie-doll jumps onto my neighboring treadmill. My favorite is the dude on a conference call shushing those around him as he ellipticals his way to the next great work deal. Awesome.

Lately, gym etiquette is far too often neglected. After a member’s initial welcome swipe, I have not only witnessed some vile weightroom behavior, but even some unspeakable steamroom acts that I dare not mention on my blog. When did acting like animals become standard gym conduct?

Let’s establish some rules, and feel free to distribute them to your friends:

1. Grunting. Come on…really?
2. Slamming weight stacks on cable machines or dropping weights under 110 pounds: if you can’t control the weight, Indeed it’s too heavy. Please.
3. Phone calls. Take ’em to the lobby. Better yet, put your phone on ‘airplane mode.’ This is your time. Remember life before cell phones? (Me neither, but try to imagine it.)
4. Cologne, perfume or serious lack of deodorant: are you serious? For real? At the gym? Take a shower, all of you: you’re all equal offenders!
5. Share. Circuit training and someone hopped into the center of your workout? Communicate…in a non-combative way. You don’t own the place…so get over yourself.
6. Locker room. Don’t even get me started. Cover your junk: therapy only goes so far. I really don’t need to see that.

Let’s take over our gyms, and make them clean, civilized and grunt-free so that we can fully enjoy the benefits of feeling strong, healthy and fit!

2 Responses to Etiquette 101

  1. Kaylin D says:

    How about not wiping up your sweat on machines or benches. So rude and GROSS!!

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