Southwest revisited

Aug 19

For the first time in many years, my husband and I won’t be making the annual pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair for our once-yearly donuts, fried snickers bars and weird-food-on-a-stick (plus that horrible ride Stanley made me go on). Instead, we’ve booked a roadtrip in the Southwest U.S., to places like Phoenix, Prescott Valley (to visit family), Sedona, Grand Canyon, Kanab UT, Bryce & Zion National Parks and, finally, VEGAS, BABY! This will be my husband’s first foray into the desert and I’ll be revisiting many amazing childhood memories. We are excited.

Thus begins the first of (hopefully) many adventure trips. We plan on hiking the canyons and climbing rock formations with short biking excursions in Southern Utah. Nothing too hardcore, just a little muscle soreness before we hit the spa in Vegas for some wedding anniversary pampering.

In the next year, we plan on kayaking, snorkeling, jet-skiing, biking and hiking our way through some pretty fantastic adventures in Mexico, Southeast Asia, Nepal and Northern California. Want to join or go on your own excursion? You know my email…

2 Responses to Southwest revisited

  1. joel ehrlich says:

    Does this mean I will have to go with Stan and you to keep in shape? Don’t beat the old man up too much. Have the best time ever. Enjoy every second.


  2. Amy says:

    Jenny…I’ll eat some cheesecurds and pork chops on a stick for you.

    Your next year sounds filled with amazing adventures. Enjoy!


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