Wedding Tracker Roadblock

Aug 08

When Kaylin and I first met, we discussed the highs and lows of goal setting and weight loss: we knew there’d be both. How fortunate we’ve been to experience mostly “high’s” since January! In her words, Kaylin is hitting a pretty “low” valley right now. The last few weekends haven’t gone as planned and (as fun as they were), excuses abound. Is she standing in the way of her own success?

Being just shy of achieving the 20-pound weight loss goal we initially set out, Kaylin is struggling with the dreaded plateau discussed in my last Wedding Tracker entry. As anyone knows, the last hill sprint is the hardest and most frustrating. That’s why crossing the finish line is such an achievement!

Kaylin’s goal is mine, and I want desperately for her to succeed. There’s no worse feeling than failure, no greater than success. Know Kaylin? Reach out and offer support: become her running buddy, spin class partner or offer to take a walk instead of happy hour. Lend a listening ear or a helping hand: she’s about to walk down the aisle and has enough on her plate to keep a dozen of us busy! We all know she looks amazing, but only she can decide when enough is enough and she hasn’t given up the fight yet!

Know someone who’s struggling to attain a goal? Offer support in any way you can — we all need it from time to time, right?

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